HR Professionals

A Comprehensive HR and Talent Development System. Easily Identify high and low performers, under-utilized and at-risk talent, and the best slate of Candidates for Promotion.

SONARIO® brings all your company data to one source to provide comprehensive reports that eliminate bias and drive evidence-based decisions, enabling strategies with clear objectives that improve productivity. It is time to replace yesterday’s competency models with a revolutionary ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) Talent Pool Development system that makes HR truly strategic.


SONARIO® assists Human Resource Management in making educated and unbiased decisions to facilitate an organization’s capacity for Capability. With the Strategic Planning tools that SONARIO® provides, HR Professionals, in all organizations, the ability to improve overall workplace culture with trust and fairness, and effective Managerial Leadership.

With the power of SONARIO® you can now:

    • Lead the Strategic Alignment Process of executive Teams.
    • Provide the foundation for a trust-inducing culture of Accountability, respect, and fairness
    • Support the systematic assessment of your Talent pool’s Current and Future Potential, and Demonstrated Effectiveness.
    • Achieve an internally equitable compensation system.
Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.