Asset Managers

SONARIO® is a sophisticated talent management software package that utilizes highly effective Requisite Organizational Methodologies to structure organizations for maximum Effectiveness.

SONARIO® SaaS application is based on rigorously tested principles and practices. Fifty years of consultation and research about the properties of world-class businesses has identified the critical factors that determine how to:

    • Design highly Capable, Efficient, and Accountable Organizations
    • Assess the Level of value that existing employees actually contribute versus the untapped Potential value of those ready to contribute
    • Ensure meaningful Accountability systems that balance the need for Process control and entrepreneurial initiative.

By quickly assessing each of these factors, one can predict the amount of time and money required to capture an organization’s potential value.

With SONARIO® Asset Managers within holding companies, and mergers and acquisitions can utilize this technology to restructure and realign an organization’s Hierarchy, Processes, Functions, and improve the overall workplace with a culture based on trust and fairness.

SONARIO® can predict:

    • Immediate potential cost savings or losses by removing excess levels and redundant functions, or filling gaps between Levels and adding critical Roles or Functions,
    • Immediate potential improvements in productivity, quality, and performance delivery, enabled by better Functional Alignment, more capable Processes, clearer process accountabilities, and improved employee Effectiveness.
    • Achieve a better understanding of factors necessary to realize an enterprise’s value potential, the risks involved, and the organizational investments required.

SONARIO® is invaluable in its ability to easily model alternative, future organizational and talent scenarios, then perform a Gap Analysis contrasting an organization’s current state and potential state.


A SONARIO® Lite Subscription also makes you a Partner of SONARIO® but is a truncated version of the product that focuses on role sizing, filling, alignment, modeling and structuring and does not include Succession Planning.

Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.