The History of SONARIO® by IsComp Systems Inc.

Since 1968 The Levinson Institute has been at the forefront of research into leadership and leadership systems and has enjoyed a close affiliation with Harvard Medical School for much of this period. Dr. Harry Levinson founded The Levinson Institute to carry forth the research, development, and education of Strategic Organization methodology, based on the late Dr. Elliott Jaques’ groundbreaking developments in the field of human work systems. Jaques’ Requisite Organization theory demonstrated that there is a rational, scientific basis for the design of organizational systems.

The Levinson Institute specialized in consulting and educating businesses in Strategic Organization practices, with Seminars held worldwide by Dr. Gerry Kraines on how to apply Jaques’s theory, demonstrating how rationally structured and effectively managed organizations encourage productivity, openness, and creativity, resulting in increased value and profit. For over two decades, in organizations the world over, Kraines has proven that even though Strategic Organization is built on a rigorous theoretical base, its applications are practical and can be readily implemented in every organization. When Levinson passed away Kraines took the helm as CEO and sought to create an easier way to implement Strategic Organization and so partnered with IsComp Systems Inc. to develop the SONARIO software system.

The Institute’s knowledge and skills combined with IsComp Systems’ software development and engineering experience provides customers with the benefit of managerial leadership practices that are supported by years of research studies, training and consulting, and an intelligent, unique software system with tools designed to successfully deploy principles and practices of Strategic Organization.

Based on a well-researched foundation of scientific knowledge about organizational components—structure, processes, systems, culture, and integrative mechanisms—and how they can be designed for optimal performance, SONARIO is the most advanced organizational and talent assessment-and-development software available.

The Levinson and IsComp Systems, Inc. partnership was established almost 20 years ago and based upon IsComp’s experience in modeling, simulation, and optimization work for complex federal, state, and municipal service delivery processes, their deep knowledge and experience in developing complex software applications, the development and integration of enterprise software system products, and the comprehensive implementation of tools to better apply Requisite Organization modeling and accountability practices.

SONARIO, primarily a consultant tool, is configured into three different products to meet different needs of consultants and their clients based on staff users of the system, administrative users, managers can view their subordinates, Coaching and Mentoring plans can be managed by the manager and their subordinates, access to assessments, task tracking, employee CV records, role sizing, modeling and succession planning.

“This is a way of making more accessible, to both companies and consultants, a strategic organization platform that will greatly simplify comprehensive strategic organization transformation, there is simply nothing like it.” -Dr, Gerry Kraines

Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.