Talent Management

SONARIO® technology assists in the implementation of a Requisite strategy to achieve true Strategic Alignment of Leadership systems, with tools that help an organization optimally align Functions and Processes, ensure that talent is Capable and Efficient, and that Leadership is value-adding and Accountable.

These tools assist in implementing Requisite processes and principles to create a workplace culture based on trust and fairness. Talent Management tools in SONARIO® help managers hire Effective staff and assist them in growing their Potential Capacity for work Complexity.

Cultivate Leadership
Talent Development with SONARIO®

Consists of positive recognition and discussion of ways to ensure that the Role remains fulfilling for the Subordinate. However, a separate Manager may determine that the employee still has Potential to be more Effective in their Role, and will identify what Accountabilities of the Role the employee is not achieving.

Consists of discussions with a Manager Once Removed to help a Subordinate Once Removed to understand their Potential in the organization and how to develop that Potential in order to advance beyond their Role.

Gap Analysis
Whereby Managers compare their Subordinate’s evaluations on Potential and Capability against one another, becomes the starting point for providing Managerial feedback which:

    • Explains the basis for the Demonstrated Effectiveness Appraisal (DEA)
    • Explains opportunities for development.

The next step is to gain agreement with the Subordinate about their DEA and any Effectiveness gaps such as:

    • What skilled knowledge need to be developed?
    • Which areas need better focus?
    • Which dysfunctional behaviors need to be overcome?
    • What developmental resources are necessary for improvement?


SONARIO® is a unique product that can be molded and used in various ways, for different purposes, and for many types of scenarios. A Partner Editions of SONARIO® are used by Consultants in their consultancy practice.

The Partner Editions are single user and configured in two ways, one is a complete SONARIO® product, the other, the Lite Partner, is a truncated version that focuses on role sizing, filling, alignment, modeling and structuring, this is available via Subscription.

The Client Edition is a full version with the additional ability to let other Staff use the product as well. The Client Edition is used by the Client of a Partner/Consultant or by an Organization on their own without a Consultant, the difference being whether a Consultant is selling SONARIO® or the Organization is purchasing the product in their own right.

Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.