SONARIO® Technology

SONARIO® was developed by IsComp Systems Inc in partnership with the Levinson Institute. Over 15 years ago together, with IsComp Systems’ expertise in software development and Levinson’s proven organizational methods, they took on the monumental task of developing a dynamic software based on scientifically based business management methodologies.

The SONARIO® software system is a revolutionary tool that helps Executives and Managers effectively lead their organizations with intuitive, graphically oriented software tools that:

    • Align their organizations with their business strategy,
    • Assess and design Organizational Structures and Processes,
    • Define and clarify Accountabilities for each Role,
    • Assess and develop Talent, with respect to Potential, Effectiveness, and Capability,
    • Deploy Talent optimally, with Succession Planning and Strategic Selection.

SONARIO® delivers an intelligent modeling and org design platform to support scenario building for Structures, Processes, Talent, and Accountabilities, and supports the deployment of Strategic Organization principles and practices for a wide range of industries.

SONARIO® helps businesses design and implement strategically aligned organizations that consistently deliver at full Potential. Utilizing scientifically proven methodologies, SONARIO® is the only comprehensive approach to aligning every aspect of a business organization.

SONARIO® is a unique sophisticated management tool that maximizes organizational Effectiveness, and Talent Potential for business leaders using an intuitive graphical interface to assist in gathering critical organizational and talent data, analyzing it, and applying scientifically tested principles to guide the user in designing an aligned, more productive organization.

SONARIO® is the most advanced software of its kind available, for the first time, a single software solution brings scientific rigor to Organizational Design, Talent Assessment, Talent Development, and Succession Planning.

SONARIO® guides you in designing and implementing Strategically Aligned Structures and Processes. Organizations that use the SONARIO® software rely on it to help develop Succession Plans and career Development twenty years into the future. Using highly secure, Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, the SONARIO® platform supports:

    • A unique, validated assessment of employee Potential (Current and Future) and Effectiveness in a Role.
    • Accurate Capability Gap Analyses, leading to robust Coaching and Development plans.
    • Sophisticated Succession Planning, Career Development, and Strategic Selection processes.
    • Capable and Efficient Processes to support the business strategy.
    • Authorized and Accountable Structures to support organization Processes.
    • Effective and motivated Talent pipelines to do the work required of the Roles.
    • Comprehensive HR systems that ensure Accountable deployment and continuous improvement.
Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.