SONARIO® Methodology

SONARIO® is a Requisite Organizational modeling tool, utilizing Strategic Organization and Optimal Organization Structure principles and practices. This Leadership ERP solution software allows Management to design and modify Organizational Charts, bringing all Levels of Management together to collaborate on Strategic Talent Pool Development and Effective Succession Planning.

Organizational Alignment ensures that Structure and Strategy are optimally aligned.
Organizational Alignment has four dimensions:

    1. Levels of Complexity ensures that every Manager, and employee adds value, avoiding bureaucratic crowding and micromanagement, and eliminating disconnects that cause gaps in execution strategy.
    2. Accountable Alignment of Functions places the relationships of required Functions in relation to each other.
    3. Aligned Cross-Functional Processes deliver fully capable and Efficient Processes integrated with Functional Accountabilities.
    4. System Stewardship Avoids Management confusion caused by multiple reporting relationships, while delivering Capable, Efficient, and Accountable Processes, as well as continually integrating Process improvement.

SONARIO® is powerful in its ability to quantify the difficult-to-quantify data about People and Roles, supporting a comprehensive assessment process of the sizes of Roles as defined by their Complexity, and the Potential and Effectiveness of people. This Methodology effectively removes bias and results in an internally-consistent, highly reliable set of ratings.

The Evaluation, Assessment, Coaching and Mentoring tools in SONARIO® map the career Potential of each employee. Managers can then make informed decisions about what is possible and how to achieve effective Succession Planning.

Built on a modeling and simulation platform, SONARIO® software allows for complex real-world scenario building. Managers at every level can design and modify their organization to adapt to changing conditions, while continuously optimizing human-resource allocation and development efforts which enables organizations to assess and structure their organization effectively.


Strategic Leadership Alignment includes:

    • Designing market-centric Functional structures.
    • Supporting Capable, Efficient, and Accountable Processes.
    • Developing clear Accountabilities aligned with Requisite authorities.
    • Cultivating capable, motivated Talent.
    • Developing value-adding Accountability Managers.
    • Supporting fully integrated, comprehensive HR systems that support meaningful Accountability, in a culture of trust and fairness.

The SONARIO® platform is based on, and requires, Requisite principles and practices; this gives Managers the ability to identify and track key factors that impact success, and are able to spot problem indicators, and model mitigating scenarios. Management at all levels can quickly and efficiently stay on top of all Leadership and Talent initiatives.

A Strategic Leadership System implemented with SONARIO® technology enables a company to develop optimal organization structures to improve employee development and business productivity with the right people in the right roles at the right time.


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Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.