The Team Behind SONARIO®

Integrated Solutions to Computing Problems

Located in Southern California, for over 30 years IsComp has provided total IT services to some of our major clients. In our mission to strive for excellence, IsComp invests in, and cultivates our talented workforce to ensure we provide the highest quality of service. We are committed to understanding our client’s needs in order to offer innovative solutions that match our client’s needs. We are the partner you can count on to solve complex technology needs and offer value-added business solutions.

Our experience includes satellite, missile engineering, staff augmentation/labor contracting, developing enterprise solutions which include web solutions, financial database modeling, and technical facility management. IsComp has participated in the design of satellite systems payloads for NASA, and DARPA.

IsComp provides a wide range of engineering and enterprise solutions to our clients. Our team has managed large and small-scale projects and we pride ourselves on quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness.

Our services include everything from cable plant installation, to e-commerce website design, to application development:

    • Database design and development
    • Document management systems
    • Financial accounting systems
    • Inventory and sales systems
    • IT Consulting
    • IT facility management
    • Labor contracting, staff augmentation, and consulting
    • Legacy migration, conversion, and integration
    • Modeling and simulation of complex enterprise operations
    • Organizational design and succession planning frameworks
    • Software and hardware engineering
    • Software and hardware integration
    • Systems engineering and programming
    • Web application and SaaS design and development
    • Website design and management

5777 W Century Blvd Ste. 560 Los Angeles, CA 90045


IsComp Systems Inc. was founded in 1986 to provide engineering and enterprise services and solutions to commercial organizations and Federal agencies. Our services range from software engineering and systems integration, to design and development of business solutions. IsComp has gained a reputation with our clients for solving problems that yield end-to-end solutions.

IsComp Systems Inc. employs a diverse group of individuals who collectively have in-depth and extensive knowledge in many technology related fields. Our management ensures that our team members are continually educating themselves in the latest technological advancements and techniques to ensure success, in meeting our clients’ needs. We provide in-depth studies and analysis of existing systems and insertion impacts of new and innovated technologies into those systems. We have the capability to create, build, and implement computer-based systems and networks.

We are a highly qualified contractor, proficient in providing a wide range of Information Technology and Systems Services. Our team holds degrees in computer programming, systems integration, systems engineering, software developing, graphic-artistry, and technical writing and communication. With our expertise and independent evaluation of computer and networking equipment from major manufactures, customers are assured that our solutions meet their requirements, are state-of-the-art, reliable, and cost-effective.

Systems Engineering

IsComp Systems' experience spans all phases of the systems engineering life-cycle from developing system requirements, accessing design and technology alternatives, to operating the system virtually to determine the best design based on cost, safety, performance and risk.

IsComp has provided systems engineering support to Raytheon SAS, Northrop Grumman, and other major aerospace contractors in developing DoD and NASA space systems.

Legacy Applications and Migration

IsComp Systems helps maximize the value of your legacy applications while enhancing your ability to embrace new, improved computing systems and applications. We provide seamless, cost-efficient migration.

Systems Integration and Support

Technical engineering support services in many engineering disciplines including leading aerospace companies and DoD industry contractors.

We were the principal designer for a Line-of-Sight (LOS) control system, have conducted analysis for validating acquisition and tracking sensors, and provided LOS control and altitude determination algorithms prior to satellite launches.

Software and Applications Development

IsComp combines personnel, products and technology to build end-to-end solutions with our client that keep up with the constantly changing business environment and new technologies.

Staff Augmentation and Labor Contracting

We provide software engineers, analysts, and UI/UX designers for your projects. We've assembled specialists with unique expertise in some of the most challenging technical and business domains, so we are able to deliver highly functional, innovative IT solutions to our clients worldwide. We have the knowledge and reach to provide the best talent to meet your organizational goals.


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