SONARIO® is a Fully Comprehensive Leadership System. A Comprehensive, Integrated, Strategic Organizational and Talent Consultancy Modeling Technology capable of Assessment, Diagnosis, Design, Decision Making, and Implementation.

Consultants use the software to help their Clients align Strategies, Assess and Develop Talent, and provide long-term Succession Planning. Through a membership program, Consultants can become a Partner for use of the software with their clients. Consultants can then license the software to the client for continued use, who in turn rely on the system for its continued Accountability Leadership.

With the power of SONARIO® you can now:

    • Show your clients powerful, graphical representations of their Organizational Structures, Processes, Functions, and Talent Current and Future Potential, and Effectiveness.
    • Model Organizational and Talent alternatives with graphical images to help your client in decision making throughout the consultancy process.
    • Generate additional income when your Clients choose to use SONARIO® as their ongoing Leadership system.

Whatever your sector of Consultancy expertise, you will be able to deliver far greater value to your clients using this revolutionary, new ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) Leadership system that combines Requisite methodology with powerful technology.


A Partner Edition of SONARIO® is generally used by Consultants in their consultancy practice. The Partner Editions are configured in two ways,

    • The Partner Edition is a complete SONARIO® product to use in consulting your Clients, this includes Succession Planning and the full capability to implement a Requisite Organization for your Clients.
    • A SONARIO® Lite Subscription also makes you a Partner of SONARIO® but is a truncated version of the product that focuses on role sizing, filling, alignment, modeling and structuring and does not include Succession Planning.
Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.