Succession Planning

A Requisite organization supports Accountability Leadership, and Capable, motivated Talent by analyzing work Complexity against potential human Capability over the span of a person’s expected tenure with the company. This methodology is applied systematically in order to install Efficient, Accountable, value-adding managerial Leadership.

The tools SONARIO® provides aid in selecting Capable employees further down the managerial hierarchy to succeed higher level roles when the time comes. These Strategic Selection decisions set in motion the allocation of available resources that benefit the pursuance of Corporate Strategy.


Deploy Talent Effectively

Assessing Talent

  • Assess Current and Future Potential
  • Assess Demonstrated Effectiveness
  • Analyze relationships between Potential and Effectiveness
  • Sophisticated searches for and displays of Talent by Function, Level, and other customized Attributes
  • Facilitate accurate Role-filling and Talent Deployment decisions
  • Powerful near-, mid- and long-term Succession Planning
  • Staff planning capabilities that aids in talent retention
  • View Employee CV (Resume) details
Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.